Rewards of Caregiving

From The Caregiver’s Handbook by Kathryn R. Burke

The rewards of Caregiving are many. You find strength you never knew you had.  You form a stronger bond with the one you care for, and you make friends of the people who help you care for them—and you. This journey teaches you patience and shows you what true compassion really means.  You learn what love is, how to share it, and how to find joy in surprising places. You learn the value of time—how to use it, not abuse it, and savor the moments life gives you.  In our hectic, fast-paced, digital world, these are lessons many of us have forgotten, if we ever knew them at all.

You learn about life, that it is fragile, it is precious, it is a gift,  and it may be gone all too soon for any us. The Caregiver’s Journey is really about sharing life and love—with your Careé, your Care Team, and all the wonderful, supportive people you meet as you go down the path.