The Caregiver’s Journey

     “The Caregiver’s Journey [series[ was written by a #caregiver who went through the RCI REACH program at our site in Colorado. Kathryn Burke’s books acknowledge the journey is a tough one, but demonstrate that you’re not alone. There’s help out there—she shows you how to find it.”   ~ Naomi Latini Wolf, Rosalynn Carter Institute of Caregiving. Americus, Ga.

The Caregiver’s Journey, Building Your Care Team

     Kathryn’s book is a thoughtful, insightful, poignant introspective of the caregiving journey, and the importance of building a care team. The book  delivers a clear portrayal of the landscape of long term caregiving; whether caring at home, with a caree in a facility, or transitioning between short term, respite care, or long term placement. [More~ Danielle A. McCarthy, MA. Montrose, Colorado.  The Vibrant CareGiver

[Building Your Care Team] “Taking care of someone with physical or mental disabilities (or both) is more than just one person can handle alone. A Caregiver needs help from many people with medical, financial, and emotional aspects of Caregiving. They need a Care Team, and this book tells them how to build it and use it to help themselves and their Caree.” ~  Shawna Bell, RN, Montrose, Colorado.

“Refreshing and honest, easy to understand care guide that actually speaks’ human’ instead of lecturing. As part of a medical team, I couldn’t have said it better. It’s one person speaking to another about the road she has been, and is on, in easy to understand wording. We can all learn from this.”  ~ Darcie Meister, RN, Wisconson.

“In this book Katheryn Burke delivers practical advice to a Caregiver and a Careé.  She describes, with personal stories, how the needs in each situation are different, yet the same. Her knowledge comes from personal experience as she built her own Care Team. Her encouragement shows us that no one can carry the burden alone. ~ Janet Reyher, Caregiver.  – Olathe, Colorado

The Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path

    “Kathryn Burke writes as she speaks and lives. As an experienced caregiver she is well qualified to write on the subject. She has suffered through many of the issues of caregiving and offers through this book a succinct plan to help newbie caregivers find help early in their journeys.”  [More]
~ Glen A. Hinshaw,  Montrose, Colorado. Author Caregiver: My Tempestuous Journey

     “Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path lets you know know that you are not alone, so you are able to be more caring and loving and accepting to yourself, your situation, and your Caree.  You will see, it is all worth it!”  [More]  
~  Julie Lowther, RN, Montrose, Colorado

     “When you find yourself in the role of a caregiver it be over- whelming and leave you feeling powerless. There are no road maps to show you the way, no instruction manuals outlining the steps to take, and no crash courses to help guide you. The insights and tips shared in this book are of tremendous value and quite powerful.  Caregiver’s Journey helps you find your power.  This book provides a map to navigate your path, shows you how to build your own Care Plan, and gives you the tools to do it!”   
~ Mary Jo Rakowski,  Former Caregiver, Empowerment Coach. Chicago Illinois.

     “Caring for my great-aunt, who was 93 and had dementia, was no easy task. I quickly found myself alone and unaware of all the steps I would have to take by being her caregiver. A book like Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path offers a good option to guiding the caregiver through this long and winding road. It serves as a reminder that others have already forged a path ahead so we don’t have to navigate this journey alone.”
~ Martha Rañón, Director of Education & Programs  Southern Caregiver Resource Center. San Diego, Calif.

     “Someone in distress doesn’t care how much you know, but they can sure tell how much you care.”  Caregiver’s Journey shows you how to do that.”
~  Steve Adelson, Retired Counselor, author. Seattle, Wash.