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Dementia Villages
Videos and story, CNN
• Hogeweyk, in Weep Netherlands, is a nursing home disguised to look like the outside world. Residents, who all suffer from some form of advanced dementia, lead a normal life. They go to the grocery store, complain about the weather, and enjoy a weekly game of bingo.  [Story]

• Hogeweyk’s allowance of small freedoms gives peace of mind to people who have lost a part of theirs. Grouping residents by lifestyles is meant to establish continuity between their former lives and the nursing facility. The idea is based on reminiscence therapy, which holds that anxiety in dementia patients can be reduced by creating a familiar environment. [Read more]

New Dementia Diagnosis Videos
‘Patient’s Voices: Alzheimer’s Disease’  By Karen Barrow. The New York Times.
    Includes videos:
‘Being Patient: Frustration and Fog’
‘Being Patient: The Shock of Diagnosis’
‘Moving on After an Early Diagnosis’
‘One Team: Tackling Alzheimer’s’
‘One Team: Laughing at Alzheimer’s’

Help me as I age. Video from Word of Life

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
‘Alzheimer’s Disease’ New York Times Health Guide.
Alzheimer’s Reading Room. Excellent resource of articles.

Lewy Body Dementia (DLB)
New Diagnostic Criteria Published for DLB

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