Building Your Care Team

Help!!  So, you’re a Caregiver. Trying to go it alone? Having trouble coping?  Need help?  This award-winning book will show you how building your Care Team will help you get it.  BUY NOW.

Past experience has probably taught you can manage family caregiving—kids, spouse, partner—by yourself. The condition was temporary. The patient recovered. Caregiving for someone with a prolonged or terminal illness or disability is a whole new ballgame. Recovery is not on the immediate horizon—if at all. The patient isn’t going to get better, and over time, odds are, will get a lot worse. Throw in dementia, common if you are caring for an elderly parent, and it’s overwhelming.

So, yeah, if you’re on this journey alone, it’s not going too well. You need some back-up, and the bigger the problem, the more help you will need.  This book will help you figure out who you need and why, where to find them, and how to build those helpers into your own Care Team.

This book it literally a lifesaver! It shows you how to avoid Caregiver Burnout and build a Care Team that will come to your rescue.

200 pages, Color cover. Illustrated. Footnoted. Includes Resources & References, Reading List, Inspirational Quotes, and Annotated Index.

The Caregiver’s Journey, Building Your Care Team
Book and cover design by the author
Illustrations by Bryce Chismire
From San Juan Publishing
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CIPA3rdPlace2016The Caregiver’s Journey, Building Your Care Team
Written by Kathryn R. Burke. Illustrated by Bryce Chismire
2017 3rd Place CIPA EVVY Winner
Colorado Independent Publishers Association.