Caregiver’s Journey

The Caregiver’s Journey—it’s certainly not something most of us anticipate, much less prepare for. We’ve been too busy living to think about dying.  So, it’s hardly surprising that when faced with a situation that calls for a Caregiver, you haven’t a clue what to do. The Caregiver’s Journey books have answers. If you’ve just started down the road, you need a road map. The Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path is your map.  If you’re already on the path, you know it’s too difficult to travel alone. You need help. The Caregiver’s Journey, Building Your Care Team shows you where and how to find it. This book is your travel guide.  The Caregiver’s Journey,  Caregiver’s Cookbook isn’t just about cooking; it’s about food as Caregiver Companionship—with tips, tools, recipes, and lots of mouth-watering color photos!


Both award-winning books have great graphics, so they are fun to read.  They are indexed, so you can find what you need for you and your Careé (your care recipient). Both are filled with inspirational quotes and plenty of real-life examples and situations experienced by the author and other Caregivers she interviewed. You will also find references and resources to help you down the road. The journey is a tough one, but you’re not alone. There is help out there—here’s how to find it.

Both books: Color cover, Illustrated, Footnoted, Resources & References, Reading List, Inspirational Quotes, Annotated Index.  From San Juan Publishing.

Navigating the Path. BUY NOW – Sale. $16 (Regular price $20.) 

Building Your Care Team.  BUY NOW – Sale $16 (regular price $20.)

The Caregiver’s Cookbook. BUY NOW  $25.
JUST PUBLISHED, so can’t put this one on sale yet.  But guaranteed you’ll want to try every recipe in it, and really love all the tips and tools I share with you.

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CIPA3rdPlace2016The Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path
The Caregiver’s Journey, Building Your Care Team

Written by Kathryn R. Burke.  Illustrated by Bryce Chismire.
2016 & 2017 3rd Place CIPA EVVY Winners
Colorado Independent Publishers Association.